Saturday, January 23, 2010

Theme Weddings - The Great Gatsby

The key to a successful theme wedding is not to over do it. You want consistency in your theme, but you should still bring personal elements in to the wedding that will really make it your own.

I thought I would focus on one theme for this month. I have always wanted to plan a Great Gatsby themed wedding. The roaring 20s, with it's glamourous ladies and exquisite gentlemen.

Location is very important. Choosing a location that coincides with your theme, not only helps you save money with decor, but it will be a great first impression to your guests as they arrive at the reception.

Another option to bring The Great Gatsby into the theme, would be your wedding dress and your accessories. 20s inspired dresses can bring elegance and glamour without being over the top. However dressing your entire bridal party in flapper dresses, for example, could become kitschy if not done correctly.

More subtle details that can tie into your theme would be fonts for your invitations, table decor, your get away car and favours for your guests.

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Happy Planning!!

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